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That Voice

You know that little voice that you have in your head? Not the good one that tells you when you're amazing, but the bad one that tells you everything about yourself is wrong? Yeah, me too. Recently, I've been having... Continue Reading →


Happy Birthday Mom! (+other stuff)

Today is an awesome day. Today is International Women's Day. I love that we have a day to celebrate all the hard work that women do, and a chance to think about how that work can be acknowledged and appreciated... Continue Reading →

Being Bold

I am such a wimp. I don't know if I have always been this way or if I have wussed out as I've gotten older. Being bold is not really my thing. I constantly worry about what other people will... Continue Reading →


When I was much younger, I had many ideas of what I could be when I grew up. My first dream was to be a veterinarian, since I LOVED cats. I also wanted to be the first woman president, an... Continue Reading →

Social Media Meanies

I really love the Beatles. I have ever since I was in high school. There is this Beatles movie called "Yellow Submarine". It's a pretty psychedelic and weird animated movie, but it has a really great moral. The story is... Continue Reading →


Have you ever looked at another person and just felt your heart explode with good feelings? That is what it feels like every time I look at my baby. I feel like there is too much love for my heart... Continue Reading →

My Mountains

When our family moved to Utah, we always got excited about the mountains. Every time we walked outside, we would oooh and ahhh over their majesty, beauty, and proximity. The mountains are RIGHT THERE when we go outside. We kind... Continue Reading →

To My Fellow Mormons

(Don't worry... if you're not Mormon, you can probably still get something from this. I'm just using sources from The Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants, which are some of our religious texts. The general point is the same... Continue Reading →

I am the Grinch

Everyday I wake up, check Facebook, and regret even opening my eyes. The majority of what I see are fights. People are fighting about DAPL, Trumps's cabinet picks, Trump himself, the people who marched in the Women's March, minorities, rights,... Continue Reading →

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