My name is Emily and I am a pretty normal person. I’m a wife and a mother to a beautiful one year-old. I don’t have any particularly outstanding qualities, nor am I wealthy by any standards. I do, however, feel very strongly about the things going on in my life and things affecting my daughter’s future. I see many issues in the world around me that are concerning, so I made this blog. It is a place for me to write my thoughts, and maybe connect with other people who feel similarly. This blog is open to all people, but be aware that everything that is written here is just my opinion.

Disclaimer: I am not an unbiased person and as such I can guarantee that my posts will not sit well with everyone. That’s ok. Differing opinions are alright. All I ask is that everything remain civil and respectful. You don’t like being called a rude, inconsiderate jerk, and neither do I.

Please enjoy this peek into my little world!